Walk Through Walls

I’ve just finished reading Marina Abramovic’s memoir, Walking Through Walls, and I was blown away, even though I’m not much fan of performace art. The books is ghost written, but you can clearly hear her voice throughout the whole book - well done indeed. It's fascinating reading; her whole life is a performance, she lives the art. She says somewhere in the book that art shouldn’t be seen as something isolated, holly and separated from life; art should be a natural part of life. And she lives by that.

After attending Susan Sontag’s funeral in Paris (who very few people attended), she made detailed plans for her own funeral because  she wanted that funeral to be her last piece of art. A last performance. I hope not to see it any time soon (she’s 72 years old).

All in all, very inspirational. Read it! 

And talking about artist and biographies, here come a few more I’ve also found inspirational.

Hayden Herrera, Frida: The Biography of Frida Kahlo

Another artist who lived her art. Her life, her house, her clothes - art, pure art. Hayden Herrera is an art historian, and it greatly benefits the book. A great read.

Keith Richards  (yes, he of the Rolling Stones) - Life. I didn’t have any expectations; I didn’t know what to expect; and I loved it. He lived the rock and roll life, and now he’s telling us about it in a very personal, funny and honest way. Absolutely fascinating.

And last but not least, Patti Smith’s Just Kids. One of my all times favorite books in which she remembers her remarkable relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in the late sixties and seventies in her unique, lyrical style.

Patti Smith 2011

I met Patti Smith in 2011, when she came to Stockholm to receive the Swedish Polar Music Prize.

I met her as in ”I queued for several hours in the rain so she can sign my book”. I was so star struck that I couldn’t say a word when my turn came, I just looked at her in awe; she understood and gave me a warm smile.

Patti Smith 2011 2

The line outside NK, the department store where the signing took place. 

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