Throwback Thursday: Lost In Translation

IMG 3980

Hi there! For today’s TBT we’re going back in time exactly one year - to Tokyo in September 2015. 

One thing that I love about travelling is to experience new things, imerse myself in a new culture, and eventually see the world with new eyes. The more ”exotic” (different) the country, the better; and a  different alphabet is a bonus. It always makes me wonder about what I see around me.

I shot the image above in the Tokyo underground, and to this day I’m still trying to figure out what this cute doggie is advertising. Going back to school? A new, revolutionary, pet book? How to train your dog? Or something completely unrelated, say a telecom service? Japanese are pretty good at ”cutifying” everyday stuff, so who knows? Cute dog anyway, which is what attracted my attention in the first place :-).

What about this one? It looks like some kind of service. Your guess is as good as mine. Again, pretty cute, huh?

IMG 4417

IMG 1324

I LOVE browsing through magazines and newspapers when I’m abroad. I’m fascinated by the ones with no pictures on the cover, as there’s really no clue to what they are about. 

Hey, this is one magazine I can ”read" ha, ha!


And then the shops, oh my! And the vending machines that are everywhere ...

IMG 4488

IMG 3647

These looks like soft drinks. But as figuring out which  is plain and which is sparkling, or what flavor it is - I go by trial and error. Once I identified the right bottle, I’d take a picture with my phone and then check it when it’s time for a new drink again. Here, free tips! You’re welcome!

IMG 4531


I love these menus you can see in the streets, with pictures of the various courses or simply dummies (they’re made of plast, not real food) - just point to what you want to have and smile :-). Easy-peasy!

IMG 4884

This one is easy - don’t climb on the bridge rail. Very Japanese-cute. I wonder what it says though, in so many words … don’t climb the rail, it’s dangerous? You are going to be fined? Go to prison? No karaoke for three months?

And what about this one in the Tokyo main railway station? So self-explanatory and cute … notice the one tear on the little girl’s cheek?

IMG 3697

Wow, a lot of text for ”No smoking”!

IMG 3597

Some street variations on the ”No smoking”-theme. Japanese don’t smoke in the streets, i.e. when walking about, or eat - that’s considered very bad taste. If you see someone doing that. you can bet it’s a foreigner.

I’m preparing some more ”real” posts on Japan, stay tuned and have a great day! Looking forward to the week-end :-)? One more sleep (as the Aussie say), and we’re there!!

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