Nothing else


Friends of the small hours of the night: 

Stub of a pencil, small notebook, 

Reading lamp on the table, 

Making me welcome in your circle of light.

I care little the house is dark and cold 

With you sharing my absorption 

In this book in which now and then a sentence 

Is worth repeating again in a whisper.

Without you, there’d be only my pale face 

Reflected in the black windowpane, 

And the bare trees and deep snow 

Waiting for me out there in the dark.

by Charles Simic (b. 1938)

Charles Simic is widely recognized as one of the most visceral and unique poets writing today. Simic’s work has won numerous awards, among them the 1990 Pulitzer Prize, the MacArthur Foundation “genius grant,” the Griffin International Poetry Prize, and, simultaneously, the Wallace Stevens Award and appointment as U.S. Poet Laureate. He taught English and creative writing for over thirty years at the University of New Hampshire.

Source: The Poetry Foundation 

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