Minette and Jean-Michel Aweh


There's nothing you can do in our house without Minette's supervision. And so for my Easter shots. I've bought a few flower baskets and was experimenting for light and composition before the flowers opened, and who comes along and jumps on the table if not Minette? Very hard to convince her the shot didn't actually call for the resident kitten. By the way, her nickname is The Demolition Kitten. Guess why?




Some photos from today. I'm so looking forward to spring and sunshine, flowers and bird song! Luckily all this will arrive much earlier than in Sweden. One of the things on the plus side when moving to Switzerland.

Another positive thing when moving to another country is discovering new music and new artists. I give you Jean-Michel Aweh, a 22 years old from Kassel in Germany, who last year won the German contest Das Supertalent.

This is his (very successful) first single, Raus aus dem Nebel.

And this is my new favorit, Houston, wir haben ein Problem that replaced Raus aus dem Nebel on repeat these days. 

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