Life Signs


I'm still alive, in case you were wondering. I've been very busy these past couple of months, but that's the whole truth. Frankly, I had no lust to do anything. I think we all need a break sometimes, and I just had mine. I did shoot a few photos every now and then, even though not because I really wanted to, but didn't want to miss the opportunity, for instance when the roses exploded in Winterthur Rose Garden.

Rosengarten, Winterthur




A few photos from the Rose Garden. I have lots of photos still to edit from that day, maybe I'll show you some more later. Maybe.




Iris and Japanese marple from the same Rose Garden. It's a really beautiful garden, and very quiet, it's a bit off and most of the time, there's nobody there. You can have picknick on the grass on your own, with a few birds as company. Lovely. 

The Meadow



And a few images from our minimal garden. 

This year we'll have vacation in Switzerland, of course. Need to explore more. I hope to be back with lots of gorgeous pictures of this beautiful country. IF we get some clear days. It's very often foggy here and we've been told so many times: "Oh, XYZ is lovely, you can see the mountains on a clear day!" Fingers crossed! See ya!

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