Inspiration: Africa Book Cover

I’m a very visual person. Oh, wait! I’m a photographer. Duh! Anyway, a lot of my inspiration comes (obviously) from all images around me, both in the real world and in form of illustrations, photographs, videos and so on. 

I’m also an ardent traveler and a voracious reader of travel books, with a special interest in the 19th century travels.

So you can imagine my joy when I got this book about the search for Livingstone with  this wonderful cover. I just knew then and there that I’ll have to come up with some photos in the same style.

IMG 0030 (17 of 17)

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My number one problem? Selecting only a few photos from my travels in Africa, and deciding on one processing style. The three images above are my favorites.

The camel at the top was shot in Marrakesh (Morocco). Shot as in ”shot with a camera”. Not a gun. If you were wondering. I love animals too much to have any love or interest in hunting them.

Elephant and giraffe ”shot” in Pilanesberg reserve in South Africa. 

By the way, I warmly recommend Pilanesberg if you are interested in going on a safari. It’s close to Johannesburg (i.e. airport, about two hours by car), it has all animals you want to see and, best of all, there’s no malaria there. The Kruger Park is very popular and a good safari destination as well, but there’s malaria and you do need malaria shots before you go there. The rain season is coming up, so make sure you check the weather before making any plans!

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I didn’t have the heart not to show the other photos, I like them as well. They’re just … well, a different style.

Camel in Morocco, giraffe and zebra in South Africa.

IMG 0036 (16 of 17)

IMG 0038 (6 of 17)

IMG 0039 (8 of 17)

Last photos. Same, same i.e. Morocco and South Africa.

The book? It’s brilliant, very good and interesting read. The original is called ”Into Africa” and you can find it here

The man himself, Livingstone, was a bore though. Well, let’s not say the man, but in any case his book about his adventures in Africa. It will bore you to death. I don’t recommend that one.

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