Day 83 of 365

Crocus, Krokus

Day 83 of my "365 Days" project. Crocus.

Garden day - been outdoors the whole morning, working in the garden. No sunshine, the sun came out a few minutes now and then, but that was all. Very disappointed, I was so longing for the sun! It seems it's sunny and nice everywhere in Europe, but here. Very unfair. Pretty chilly too, only ten degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit).

IMG 6300

IMG 6311

Different sorts of ivy make the mostly barren garden to look lush green.

IMG 6319

And the forsythia will soon explode in an orgy of gold; the buds are swelling for every day that passes.

Music Tip: Sivert Høyem and Madrugada. Sivert Høyem (b. 1976) is a Norwegian singer who is best known as the vocalist of the rock band Madrugada. The band broke up because of the death of Robert Burås, the band's guitarist, in 2007. He continued as a solo artist and also as a member of The Volunteers.

In September 2010, Sivert Høyem releazed "Prisoner of the Road" in order to raise awareness for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRF). NRF is an independent, humanitarian non-governmental organization that provides assistance and protection to refugees and internally displaced persons.

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