Day 8 of 365

IMG 0055

Day 8 of my "365 Daysproject. Sea treasures.

I have turned my home office into a safari style room and work life is so much better! I do the same work, but in an incredibly more pleasant place - our surroudings do affect us in subtle ways.  

I also like to think of it as my "ready room" - if you've known me for more than five minutes, you'd know I love books, gardens and Star Treck. I always liked Captain Picard saying "In my ready room. Now!" when he needed to handle issues. And this is how I think of it too - I need to solve something, I go to my ready room with a cup of Earl Grey tea (but with a hint of bergamot oil, Picard takes it "Earl Gray. Hot."). My husband thinks it's a shared room, but I know better. It is my ready room!

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