Day 59 of 365

IMG 4434

Day 59 of my "365 Days" project. Safari style.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I have decorated my home office safari style. The low bookshelf contains travel and exploration books, and various artefacts I collected during my trips. The're nice mementoes of my trips and make working there a real pleasure.

So, what do we see here? Let's see, from left to right, top shelf to bottom shelf:

* A hyppo from Johannesburg, South Africa

* A seal with a baby from Seattle, WA, USA

* A framed picture from Prague, Czech Republic

* A leopard and a rhyno from Johannesburg, South Africa

* A mule from Casablanca, Morocco

* Shells from Bondi Beach, Australia

* A framed Ganash picture from New Delhi, India

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