Day 193 of 365

Deer, Rådjur

Day 193 of my "365 Days" project. Deer.

IMG 0179

Pretty good camouflage, wouldn't you agree? Hard to spot these fellows.

Deer, Rådjur

There are a lot of animals in the woods behind our house, and deer are no exception. Plenty of them to go around and ransake one's garden. In Sweden there are no real fences around the houses, and animals can walk around freely.

I have been lucky this year; the winter has been very mild and there was plenty of food for them. They did eat some of the crocuses, but that's more like having   a dessert after a good meal. Delicacies for the fine connaisseur deer, extra crisp crocuses.

Unfortunately I had only my nifty-fifty lens with me, and the deer were pretty far away. Not so bad considering. I've tried not to move (they'd bolt at the first move), and fired several shots, hoping some of them would be good enough.

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