Day 175 of 365

Peony, Rain Drops, Pion, Regndroppar

Day 175 of my "365 Days" project. Peony bud close up.

Peony, Rain Drops, Pion, Regndroppar, Nävor

Peony, Rain Drops, Pion, Regndroppar

I told you in an earlier post that it usually rains when peonies bloom. No exception this year. Unfortunately. The first peonies are about to bloom, and it has already started raining. The weather forecast for next week is rain, and more rain.

The lower flowers in front of the peony bed are Pacific bleeding-heart (Dicentra formosa, fänrikshjärta in Swedish) and geranium (näva in Swedish). Luckily they stand the rain much better than peonies.

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