Day 161 of 365

IMG 0408

Day 161 of my "365 Days" project. Travel wallpaper.

As you may have guessed from today's photo, we've gone to a local interior design store this morning. This is the next best after going into a book store, and I'm very proud to have come out with exactly what I had planned to buy, and nothing else!

IMG 0419

I was looking for a new carpet for the upstairs bathroom, and found this one in white/blue/red that matched the rest of the bathroom perfectly.

IMG 0407

IMG 0405

We spent a lot of time there, of course. There are always plenty of things we didn't know we needed. Saw some very beautiful wallpapers, especially this one above, with small pink flowers on a green background. Perfect for the master bedroom. What's that? Is the current wallpaper in bad shape? No, I can't say it is. Is it ugly, or not matching the room? Hmmm, not really. But boring, that's what it is. Boring. Very. It's Stockholm white * and boring. When we built the house, we had no idea how we'd decorate the bedroom so we went with the safe choice - Stockholm white! It's easy to decorate the room in any way with such a neutral background, but it does get on one's nerves after a few years. I'm ready for a change!

* Stockholm White  (also called Antique White) is a very Swedish nuance, not really white, but white with a warm tone in it, more like cream. It's very popular in Stockholm, especially in the modern, trendy homes or in country style. Many stores sell it with the color code NCS 0502-Y, and it's made out of 93% pure white, 5% black and 2% yellow. Or so I've heard.

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