Day 149 of 365

African Daisy

Day 149 of my "365 Days" project.  African Daisy (Osteospermum), stjärnöga in Swedish.

We bought a few yesterday for the terrace, so you'll see more of them in this blog. I love them, they worship the sun and close their petals when the sun disappears.

Their scientific name, Osteospermum, is derived from the Greek osteon ("bone") and Latin spermum ("seed"). They belong tot he daisy family (Compositae / Asteraceae), hence their common names such as African (or South African) Daisy, Blue-eyed Daisy or Cape Daisy. They are half-hardy perennials therefore they don't survive outdoor wintry conditions. I always buy a few every year, they come in many colours, and flower until the frost kills them. By then they've grown to  a small bush. I think one can take cuttings, but I've never tried.

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