Day 148 of 365

IMG 6505

Day 148 of my "365 Days" project. At the gates of the plant nursery 10:59.

IMG 6550

IMG 6543

We went to the nursery this morning to look for some flowers for the terrace. A line was already formed when we got there. Luckily we knew exactly what we're looking for, so we were in and out in twenty minues. To plant the new acquisitions took a bit longer than twenty minutes though, on a very hot day. 

Sweden has won the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) last night in Baku with Loreen performing "Euphoria". Party, party!

Now the headache: Sweden will now be hosting the 2013 ESC (as the winning country this year) to be hold mid-May 2013, at the same time as the hockey world championships. The Globe arena in Stockholm cannot accomodate both events, and the discussions have already started what should take place where. I know, luxury problems. It's fun to follow though. 

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