Day 14 of 365

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Day 14 of my "365 Days" project.  So many books, so little time…

Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul.

Joyce Carol Oates

When I was ten years old, I had three library cards. At twenty I had seven cards -the college library, the university library, Institut Français, British Council…

Now on the other hand, I only have one, at our local public library. But I can order any book from any library in Sweden and it will be delivered and I can pick it up at my local library.  To say nothing about internet orders and ebooks. Paradise found for bookworms!

I cannot image a life without books. I guess I have about 2.500 "physical" books and around 1.000 ebooks. Do I read them all? Yes. In most cases. Sometimes a book is simply beyond any hope. Let me be blunt - sometimes a book is simply bad and I no longer finish it. I used to do that, if nothing else because I was thinking about the poor writer who had worked on bringing it to the world and hoped it would find readers. But I no longer want to spend my reading time reading a bad book so I simply put it aside, and start on a new one.

I read about two, three books a week. Sounds impossible? It depends. I always have a book with me when I go out (and camera, of course, all essentials in other words). I used to have a long commute and that provided hours of lecture. I read in the airport when waiting to go onboard, I read on the plane, I read on the bus and I read on trains. I don't watch TV. You get the point.

For all bookworms out there who ❤ books - you have to see this ... 

… and of course watch the "Joy of Books" 90 seconds video! Enjoy!

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