Day 10 of 365

Dry Flower

Day 10 of my "365 Daysproject. Dry flower.

Beauty can be found even in the most common of places, we only need eyes to see it. I found this dry flower during my walk today; the whole plant was dead, and only a few flowers were still clinging to the stem. 

Do you take a break sometimes and just look at the world? I mean, really observe? Do this simple exercise. 

1) Find a tranquil spot in a park or a garden; in the woods you walk your dog, or by your preferred tree.

2) Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Switch off your mobile phone and any other device that can distract you!

3) Sit still for five minutes and simply observe everything around you. What plants and trees are there? Any flowers? Can you identify any of them? Do you see the various textures, the bark on the different tress? The light filtering through the branches? Do you hear any birds? 

4) Close your eyes for a minute and just BE! It's much harder than you think.

5) Go back to whatever you have to go back to, feeling invigorated and at peace with the world!

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