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Throwback Thursday: I Miss My Swedish Garden In The Fall

Enchanted Forest

Time again for Throwback Thursday and my look back at my Swedish garden, now in the fall.

IMG 6285

Rosehip, Nypon

Autumn Colours, Fall Colors



The large flower bed with aster, Japanese anemones and phlox.





IMG 4553 2 3


Höstanemon, Anemone hupehensis, Japanese anemone


Japanese Anemone (Anemone hupehensis)

Christmas Countdown: 12 December

IMG 7939

Christmas Countdown: 12 December. 

Today’s Christmas song: Elvis Presley, Martina McBride, Blue Christmas.

Christmas Countdown: 11 December

Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown: 11 December. 

Today’s Christmas song: Kenny G, White Christmas from the ”Miracles” album. The whole album is on ”Repeat” these days, it’s so wonderful and relaxing!

Three Is A Magic Number


Motorbike Detail

Motorbike Detail (1)

I bet you didn’t see this one coming! I mean, no flowers, no Christmas, but a motorbike? Have zombies or aliens taken over me?No,not really (maybe they did, but I don’t know it?). 

Anyway, I found this jewel in Geneva and really liked it, it did look more like a piece of art than just a machine. And I wouldn’t mind taking it for a ride. Or two.

Christmas Countdown: 10 December

Christmas tree decoration

Christmas Countdown: 10 December. 

Today’s Christmas song: Dean Martin, Let It Snow!

Christmas Countdown: 9 December


Christmas Countdown: 9 December. 

Today’s Christmas song: Céline Dion, So This Is Christmas.

Haiku Tuesday: The Cherry-Blossoms of Mt. Yoshino

Cheery Blssom

”Oh! Oh!” was all that I could say

On flower-clad mount Yoshino.

by Teishitsu

Translation by Asataro Miyamori

What Did The Fox Say?


Image Source

I have become obsessed with foxes, so here you go - some of the best fox pictures on 500PX. Enjoy!


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

And of course I couldn’t resist ”The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)

Christmas Countdown: 8 December

Christmas Tree

Christmas Countdown: 8 December. 

Today’s Christmas song: Frank Sinatra, ”Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. I always get goose bumps when I listen to it. Every time.

Christmas Inspiration

Pinterest House

Image Source

Can you believe it’s only two weeks to Christmas? Time flies indeed, and this year I made it a goal to enjoy the  Christmas time as much as possible. House decorated for First Advent? Check. Christmas scented candles? Check. Christmas playlist on repeat? Check. Swedish gingerbread? Check (thank you IKEA!). We still need to find glögg (Swedish mulled wine). While we’re still to find the wine, we have already stcoked raisins and almonds. Ready!


Image Source

Even a Christmas lover like myself lacks sometimes inspiration so I have a Christmas board on Pinterest (of course) that I actually use a lot these days. You can find my Christmas board here.

IMG 4172

Image Source

IMG 4272

Image Source

IMG 4293

Image Source


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source

Christmas Countdown: 7 December

Jultomtar på rad

Christmas Countdown: 7 December. 

And since it’s the second Sunday of Advent, I’m stepping up my game, and will also share some of my favorite Christmas songs. 

We start with Mariah Carey’s classic ”All I Want For Christmas Is You” that came out in 1994. Enjoy!

Christmas Countdown: 6 December … And Some More Christmas Inspiration

Merry Christmas2

Christmas Countdown: 6 December. I felt the week-end called for a gold frame. Some extravaganza in these dark times.

Christmas Candle[12]

If you need more Christmas inspiration, check out The Olde Weeping Cedar blog here.

belsnickls diningroom[5]

by mom[5]


dry sink and basket[5]



pineapple tree[5]

Christmas chair letter[5]
back entry lit[5]

Images Source: The Olde Weeping Cedar

Christmas Countdown: 5 December

Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown: 5 December

Christmas Countdown: 4 December

IMG 0544

Christmas Countdown: 3 December

IMG 0540

Haiku Tuesday: Ice and Water

Ice and Water

Lo, ice and water joyfully

Are reconciled to one another.

by Teitoku

Translation by Asataro Miyamori

Christmas Countdown: 2 December

Keep Calm and Ho, Ho, Ho

Christmas Countdown: 1 December

Jul - Version 2

It’s no secret I love Christmas, so I’ve decided to do a Christmas countdown here on the blog. Let the Christmas countdown begin!

Only twenty-four days to go, ho, ho, ho! Have you been naughty or nice? You’d better watch out!

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