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Throwback Thursday: Japan

IMG 2567

Time for Throwback Thursday! Today we go back to Japan in May 2012.

Above: Senjo-ji Temple Compound, Asakusa, Tokyo.

IMG 2154

Watercolor painters in the Hibiya Garden, Tokyo.

IMG 2156

Hibiya Garden

IMG 2588

Senjo-ji Temple Compound, Asakusa, Tokyo.

IMG 2807

The bride and the groom, Hama Riky Garden, Tokyo

IMG 2843

Irises in the Hama Riky Garden

IMG 3119

The Imperial Garden, Tokyo

Takeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo

Harajuku, young people's shopping district

IMG 4269

Ueno Park, Tokyo

IMG 5515

Ginza - the shopping Mecca in Tokyo

IMG 3496

And, of course, the one and only: Mount Fuji.

Sneak Peek Zermatt


We're back from Zermatt and I've started editing the two thousads photos I've taken. I'll post a few every day as it'll take some time to go through them all. And no, I haven't forgotten Arosa, new Arosa photos will come up as well.

Above - the iconic shape of the Matterhorn top (4.478 meters, 14.690 feet) viewed from our hotel room in the picturesque little town of Zermatt.


The lovely tiny tram of the Riffelalp resort at 2.222 meters with Matterhorn in the background.

Another shot of Matterhorn, this time from the cable car to Klein Matterhorn.




On top of Klein Matterhorn (3.383 meters, 12. 740 feet), at the end point of the highest cable car in Europe (terminal is at 3.820 meters, 12. 533 feet).

Teaser: Arosa & Zermatt


We're off to Zermatt and we'll post new photos from both Arosa and Zermatt soon - stay tunned!




A few more Arosa photos … more to come!



IMG 3979

As promised, a few more pictures from our week-end in Vienna. The weather has been fabulous, with a cobolt blue sky and sunshine.  Temperature could have been a bit lower though, especially on Sunday, but I won't complain; we had  a very good time and that's what matters!

IMG 4040

I didn't actually take that many pictures, "only" around two hundred. It was meant to be a relaxing break before the real vacation, and most of the time was spent sitting in various cafés, eating icecream or Sacher torte (of course), reading magazines and watching the street life.


IMG 4119

Stadtpark - the flower clock and Strauss' statue are two of the most photographed places in Vienna.


And if you think that's easy to have a clean shot without lots of tourists in it during daytime, think again! What I did with the Strauss statue was to simply step aside and take a shot from the side, thus getting rid of all the people you see in the picture above and also getting a better picture, livier and more interesting that one taken right upfront, which most people do.

IMG 4114

This is what an upfront shot would look like. Boring and flat.




Fiakers - a Vienna institution. They're pretty expensive, ranging from 50 Euro for 20-30 minutes to 100 Euro for an hour. For a family of four or five is a pleasant activity though. Fiakers ride round the Ring, along all the beautiful buildings and parks, and the guides are pretty good. Late afternoon is the perfect time, when it's not that hot and the pretty evening sky colours make their apparition.

IMG 4022

Ringstrassegalleri - the old car is an ad for a gift shop. Love vintage cars!




Stadtpark - one of the many parks in Vienna. Sunday morning yoga.

IMG 4108

IMG 4109

Palais Coburg - we love it! The price prevents us for living here while in Vienna (the cheapest room rate starts at 700 Euro!), but we usually have breakfast there. Breakfast rates are human and within the same range with Le Méridien where we usually stay, or other major hotels in Vienna.

IMG 4223



They have a lovely garden, it's usually very quiet, and the service is great.





Lovely pink hydrangea. Had one of these in our garden in Sweden.



Violet agapanthus - I'd love to have one of these, but they need to be in a greenhouse during wintertime and we no longer have one.

Arosa Week-End


We also spent a week-end in Arosa, part of our summer Swiss tour. I now have over a thousand photos to edit, so it'll take som time to process both Vienna and Arosa. But don't you worry, tons of pictures to come soon :-).




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