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Best of Australia: Part One

Sydney Opera House

Dull weather here in Switzerland, and a pretty tired and down with a cold photographer - no lust or energy for any new shots, but spent a few happy hours editing photos from my Australia trip. More to come soon. Enjoy!

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House


Sydney waterfront and the Opera House

IMG 5206

Sydney Harbour Bridge

IMG 5208

Circular Quay - view from the Opera Quay

IMG 5210

Circular Quay

IMG 3966

Sydney waterfront with the green oasis of the Botanic Garden at the front.

IMG 3972

The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge

IMG 0931

The Opera House - Roof detail

IMG 3948

The Botanic Garden, Sydney

IMG 4162

Circular Quay, Overseas Pasengers Terminal with the Opera House in the background.

IMG 4174

The Harbour Bridge and Park Hyatt Hotel

IMG 4197

Circular Quay - view from the Overseas Passenger Terminal

IMG 4261

The Opera House - view from just under the Harbour Bridge

IMG 4380

Circular Quay and the Harbour Bridge

IMG 5188

Circular Quay - view from the Opera Quay

IMG 5208

IMG 5219

Circular Quay

IMG 5204

Circular Quay

IMG 5212

Circular Quay and the Harbour Bridge

IMG 4387

Sidney sightseeing bus

IMG 5363

Opera Quay

IMG 4303

Circular Quay - as seen from under the Harbour Bridge

IMG 4285

Sightseeing sailing boat

IMG 4260

Harbour Bridge - detail

IMG 4196

Circular Quay and the Overseas Passenger Terminal

IMG 4161

The cruise ship Amsterdam moored at the Circular Quay.


Sydney Opera House

I've been editing photos from Australia and you can look forward to some "Best of Australia" photos soon!



Very busy at the moment so just a flower shot for now.

Winter Trees

336A5315 Snapseed

In the woods behind our house.

From the archives

336A5401 Snapseed

Water lilies at the Stockholm Botanical Garden (Bergianska Trädgården).

Ivy and photo opportunities

Tree and ivy

Ivy climbing into a tree. I walked around in Winterthur and I have noticed that ivy seems to be climbing everywhere. This makes for a lot of photo opportunities, I think ivy makes any shot interesting! 

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